Growing up, I noted the societal ideologies that taught us that femininity and strength could not coexist. From microaggressions such as “girl pushups”, to undermining accomplishments.

I get asked a lot if Bolt is just for women, and the answer is, it's for everyone. My brand is for everyone, just like lifting is for everyone. Let's include everyone in the weightlifting conversations, minus all the performative, exploitive, pink tax BS. I personally found myself feeling most empowered breaking the mold, standing out, making noise, and taking up space.

Just like a lightning bolt.

Each of my designs for Bolt is named after a woman who inspires me. They also all feature a lightning bolt, some are more hidden Easter eggs than others. It’s your reminder to be bold, in everything, even when it’s scary.

Especially when it’s scary.

That’s how you grow.