Best lower ab exercises for women

You’re in search of a quick ab circuit that’ll get rid of that pooch in time for summer, right? That annoying “pooch” of fat! I’m going to tell you to do 3 rounds of leg raises, bicycles, scissors, and planks right? And it’ll burn!! Meaning the fat is burning!! Thanks Bolt Active for the tips!! #BikiniBodyReady. Yep… in a perfect world. However, this isn’t true in our world.

Let’s unpack a few things here. Infographics, videos, and blogs titled “5 Minute Lose That Pooch!” are extremely misleading. You could do ab circuits every day, and you’ll have a strong core, that’s for sure, but no body fat will be visibly lost if your diet stays the same. 

Ab circuits only strengthen your abdominal muscles, not reduce the fat in that area. That belief is called spot reduction, which has proven to be a myth. There’s no secret ab circuit. The secret is called a caloric deficit.

To lose weight in your stomach, you must lose weight everywhere, because weight loss is distributed throughout your entire body). Losing weight everywhere, comes down to more calories out than calories in. This is called a caloric deficit. To find out how much you should be eating, check out, and subtract 500 from your maintenance calories. For optimal fat loss throughout your weight loss journey, your daily macronutrients would be around 40% carbs 40% protein 30% fat.

No leg raises?

No leg raises. Ab circuits are cool and all, you should totally do them if you’d like to strengthen your abdominal muscles! However, the media has sold you on a false idea that crunches and sit ups will give you 6 pack abs. They’ll strengthen the muscles for sure, but the first step is getting that layer of fat off. Through the combination of a caloric deficit, manipulation of macronutrients, and strength training / consistent exercise to optimize your fat loss journey, with consistency and time you will lose fat in your belly (and everywhere else!)

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